One post for a double celebration

It has been a year. On 23 September 2010, I posted for the first time in Dinner Party Science, Nature Network edition. This is also the 50th time I’m writing, so I have two reasons to celebrate.

In commemoration, I’ve decided to share with you some numbers and facts about the blog that marked the past year:

1. On average, I wrote 4 entries a month in the past twelve months.
2. My posts got a total of some 160 comments.
3. Since I started counting, about three months after the blog was born, over 9,000 people visited the site.
4. Most visits came from the United States, but people from all over the world dropped by.

Screen shot 2011-09-18 at 5.49.51 PM.png

Location of blog’s visits. Anyone in Greenland keen to stop by? Source: Google Analytics.

5. Dinner Party’s most loyal visitors are Londoners, who read the blog almost 500 times last year (more than in any other city) and stayed for an average of 7 minutes/visit.
6. Search keywords that brought people to this blog include: “afraid of large universe”, “animal sex in rubber boots”, “decision pee”, “are socks good for us” and “fellacio contagious”.
7. My most successful post was “Tycho’s drunken moose and other stories”, with over 3,800 page views (roughly 25% of the total).
8. Tycho’s post was picked up by Stumbleupon on the 4th of July and the blog had a peak in visits that day (over 1,800).

Thank you to all of those who read, edited or commented on my posts. And a special thanks to the reader who “stumbled upon” Tycho’s drunken moose 8 months after I wrote the post!

Not sure what else I should do to celebrate this blog’s first anniversary… Am I allowed to ask for presents?


3 thoughts on “One post for a double celebration

  1. Laura Wheeler

    Firstly congrats Barbara for such success on Nature Network and also for being a consistent blogger. I am definitely one of your Londoner fans!
    Hehe to the keywords that bring people to your blog …. i have to admit people Google some strange things, but hey strange things occur – and a drunken moose can certainly be added to that list!
    Keep up the great blogging


  2. António Luis Ferreira

    Congratulations, Bárbara and long live your blog!
    We love your sense of humour and your accurate approach to such unexpected issues.
    We can assure you they have contributed a lot to elevate the tone of our Saturday dinner parties!
    Azoia Fan Club


  3. Akin Olagoke Ogunleye

    Congratulations Barbara for all the highlighted accomplishments.They are indeed pointers to the fact that better days are ahead. Cheers.


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