How would you dance your PhD?

Work is keeping me busier than usual this week so this will be a brief post. I’ve decided to keep with the dance theme to let you know about an incredibly original idea I read about today. I’ve seen science being communicated in the form of text, diagrams, video and photography but this is a first. Dance your PhD is a contest that aims to get anyone with a science-related PhD, or studying to get one, to explain what their thesis is about through dance. (It definitely got me thinking about how I could dance a thesis on “Variability of Black-hole Accretion Discs: a theoretical study”!) The initiative is sponsored by Science and there’s even a money prize for the contestants who best describe the scientific content of their PhDs in dance form, while putting on a creative and artistic show. Unfortunately it is too late to take part in the 2010 competition but there’s always next year. In the mean time, think about it: how would you dance your PhD?


3 thoughts on “How would you dance your PhD?

  1. rebekah

    This is hilarious! At first I thought it was a joke but looking at the dances they seem really quite good. I suppose science could be quite suited to this kind of format since dancers can represent molecules, atoms, planets, animals etc. I wonder how you would dance literary theory…


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